Step #1 Set the Caster IP address and details:

In the main window, switch to the Caster and Clients tab

Tip: How to find the valid list of IPs on your machine...

Use the command "ipconfig" from a command line prompt, or
Just before the console log lines are some green lines that have this same data:

One of these will be the IP address you will want to use. If you have a static IP, use that. If you have an DHCP value that has been forwarded to a public static IP, use that. If you are using DDNS (Dynamic DNS), use that port. Consult whoever maintains your local network for any firewall or port-forwarding details.

Hint:If you are unable to operate an NTRIP Server from within your organizational firewalls, you can also use to PUSH-Out your connections, see this article for further details.

More detailed instructions can be found in the Knowledge-Base

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