When combining Base Stations from several sources, different frames of reference can often be an issue.   Incorrect presumptions about the Base Station location can lead to positional errors ranging from mm to meters in magnitude.  This can be particularly troublesome when creating a NEAR network of Base Stations that issue their ECEF locations using different datum.

SNIP provides an ECEF Translation ability as part of the its PFAT functions to address this.  Using PFAT, all the Base Stations in the network can be adjusted to a common datum, removing this issue from consideration.  And when needed, multiple datums can be supported, each expressed in its own stream.

The desired ECEF values are simply entered into a translation dialog and are then used to replace the values being sent by the Base Station in message types MT1005/MT1006 as needed.

Here is an example of the key setup dialog, being used on a CORS Base Station that needed to be aligned to IGS08.


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