The SNIP NTRIP Caster uses a systems of optional Plug-In modules to provide additional functionality to the Caster.
Here some of the common Plug-In modules are explained further.


Plug-In modules are used in SNIP to add unique functionality that some commercial Caster deployments need. For example; not all deployment need an integrated accounting system to mange user connections and access rights.   Not all deployment need to be able to email their users with account details, or to allow Base Station owners to access Caster reports over web pages.  Some deployments need all of these.  Other deployments may want to send NTRIP streams over non-standard format such as MQTT or the SAE/ETSI V2X DSRC automotive vehicle messages.  Plug-Ins allow customizing each SNIP NTRIP Caster as required without complicating every deployment to contain every possible feature.

In SNIP itself, each model (Lite, Basic, Pro or Enterprise) is sold for a one-time fee along with all further lifetime upgrades included for free.  The various Plug-In modules involve an initial fee and also a reoccurring annual renewal cost.  This renewal cost is only a fraction of the original acquisition cost, typically only 15%, and covers ongoing costs to support the Plug-In.  Each Plug-In module is licensed using a node-locked key system similar to the way each copy of SNIP is registered.

The use of the Plug-In system entirely optional and augments all the core features found in SNIP.    The use of the Plug-In system is limited to the Pro and Enterprise models of SNIP at this time.  Plug-In modules can be added (activated) at any time, and can be renewed at any time from within the SNIP NTRIP Caster itself.  A set of email warnings is issued in the 30 days before a Plug-In module expires to ensure timely renewal.

Available Plug-Ins

The following table summarizes the current Plug-Ins now released or in development


Plug-InFeature SummaryVariations Add to Cart
IP Lookup (geo-location) [FREE]
Perform reverse IP geo-location lookup on all the IP addresses seen by the Caster.
An essential tool to manage and track your user connections.
Free at present, Usage NotesFree at this time.Free at this time.
Enhanced User Management [POPULAR]
Automatically enable or disable each user's access based on Date-time, specific Base Stations, Equipment Used, etc. Provides a db of registrations for contacts and users to manage access to all Caster resources. An essential tool if you are selling caster connection accounts.
Purchase Details, and Usage Notes

$345.00/yr renewal
eMail Services [POPULAR]
Allows sending email and SMS messages from the Caster to others, including contacts & users (NTRIP Clients), Base Station owners, and SNIP operators.
Purchase Details, and Usage Notes$135.00/yr renewal
Back-Up Service
Provides an automated off-site backup of all key Caster settings.
Purchase Details, and Usage Notes$27.00/yr renewal
Real-Time Monitoring
A 24/7 monitoring service for your Caster
alerting you whenever the Caster is offline.
This is now mostly build into SNIP directly, see this articleFree at this time.
Send RTCM / NTRIP in the SAE J2735 DSRC
message set format for use in V2X.
Purchase Details, and Usage Notes$1,200.00/yr renewal
SSL/TLS Secure Sockets
Allow Clients to connect to the Caster using TSL/SSL secure sockets.
Will be free when releasedBy Request
Secure SNIP Deployments
Used by SNIP Casters operating in sealed environments to validate lic keys.
By Request
NTRIP Client Web API Interface
A Web based interface and API for you and your Customers to connect and self-manage their accounts on the Caster. Add and edit users, perform routine management, and monitor operations remotely from any browser. Allow selected Customers access to manage their own users.
Purchase Details, and Usage Notes$210.00/yr renewal
Multi-Caster (virtual Casters)

  Add One additional Caster (2 in total)

+1 CasterLink TBD
Multi-Caster (virtual Casters)

  Add Two additional Casters (3 in total)

+2 CastersLink TBD
Multi-Caster (virtual Casters)

  Add Three additional Casters (4 in total)

+3 CastersLink TBD


More information about the usage and settings for each Plug-In  type can be found in the usage links above.


Most of the above Plug-In are also available in a reoccurring monthly payment plan.  This allow you to test out a Plug-In for your own uses.  Click on each Plug-In for details.

Note: The use of the Plug-In system is limited to the Pro and Enterprise models of SNIP at this time.