The full set of SNIP‘s features can be found in the knowledge base web pages, here are a few highlights.

Simple Caster Set up and User-Interface

SNIP is designed to be simple to use for both novices and professionals alike.   The primary features areas are organized into a set of tabs related to each major operation in the Caster.  Here is a useful link to a guided tour.    Each connected Base Station stream has a slot in the tab.  A right-click on the stream allows managing the Base Station.  A console log displays various events below that.  Maps and various document reports are shown in a separate windows in a browser like display.   Once setup, a SNIP Caster operates 24/7 without further intervention.


Realtime 2D and 3D charts

SNIP provides a wide variety of tools and navigation charts to decoder and to see and review the data each Base Station is sending at any time.
Unlike other Casters, there are no hidden additional fees for common integrity monitoring abilities.


RTCM 3 Decoding

SNIP also provides complete decoding of RTCM 3.x message content decoding for debugging (and often used by researcher and developers who also use SNIP in their work).

Caster Mapping Features

SNIP provides the means to quickly plot the locations of Base Stations, L1 and L2 Services Coverage areas, Connected Users (NTRIP Clients) locations and tracks, the connecting IP used, and other relevant geographical data on base maps.  Here a small network of Base Stations located in Jordan is shown with the L1 and L2 coverage radius circles drawn.

Extensive Tool Tip Support

SNIP uses tool tips throughout to quickly provide extensive information about Base Stations and other elements.  Hover the mouse over an object and current status details are presented.  Here various meta data about an active Base Station is being shown.

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