Time on a Private Caster

Need to send your Base Station Corrections to a Caster, but have no need or desire to operate the NTRIP Caster itself?
While we prefer to have you download and operate your own copy of the SNIP NTRIP Caster, we understand if you do not want to.


Where, What, How

Put your Base Station(s) on-line for only ~100¢ a day.

We operate three regional  SNIP NTRIP Casters to service this need (located in North America, Western Europe, and Japan) which you can lease time on for your Base Station(s).  The uptime is well over 99.9% and the bandwidth and response are very fast.

These are all professionally managed private Casters (using SNIP Pro running on VM machines) where access is shared only with other professional users.

With each account you may send up to four data streams (originating from one to four Base Stations) to the regionally located NTRIP Caster you select below. This allows sending different streams with different data configurations to your end users.  Inquire for volume discounts (if you will need more data streams).

The number of clients which can connect to your stream(s) is unlimited, but is controlled only by you.  Hidden Caster entries and SNIP‘s NEAR stream features, as well as PFAT® abilities, can also be employed.


The options

You keep your Base Station(s) operating, we do the rest. 

We will work with you to set up your Base Station(s) and user (NTRIP Client) accounts. The table below shows the basic options available.


NTRIP-US is our private Caster located in the greater Los Angles area of the United States

Setup, and 12-month unlimited access lease $360.00 /connection/year.
NTRIP-EU is our private Caster located in Western Europe

Setup, and 12-month unlimited access lease $360.00 /connection/year.
NTRIP-JP is our private Caster located in South West Japan

Setup, and 12-month unlimited access lease $360.00 /connection/year.
The RTK2go.com Caster is our public NTRIP Caster which anyone can use to send data.

Requires registration of your Base Station before use.
NTRIP private Caster lease renewal, ~$30.00 /mth

6-month renewal of an existing connection with unlimited access lease $180.00


We also offer a completely free service at RTK2go.com which allows any party anywhere in the world to quickly and easily send their own Base Station data to a public Caster for use by others.  But with over a million connections a week, it can be a very busy machine and somewhat less responsive than these dedicated machines.  And unlike RTK2go, if you require any PFAT® translations and features on your stream, in this configuration we will set up and manage that for you as well. Up to four base station connections per account are allowed.

The SNIP NTRIP Caster itself is available in several configuration to best suit your needs, please see: https://www.use-snip.com/caster-solutions/