In Brief

SNIP is available in five different models for self-hosting.  In this configuration SNIP runs on your local machine.
The number of data streams allowed at once in each model is the primary difference.
The same code base is used for each model, with various features unlocked using a node-locked license key system.


Provides all the functionality found in the Basic model with some additional Pro features. 

  • Intended for use by new users who are evaluating SNIP for purchase,
  • Limited to a one-hour run time each time it is re-started.

Free Download


Provides all the core functions needed to run an small NTRIP Caster.  Used to operate small NTRIP networks all over the world.   And it’s free!

  • Up to three Base Station connections (or connection streams)
  • Can service hundreds of end users (NTRIP Clients)
  • Does not require a server OS to deploy and operate (Win 7,8,10, Ubuntu)
  • Often used for forwarding a Base Station to another central SNIP node.
  • Built on the same SNIP code as our other models
  • The Lite model makes it possible for anyone to have a true industrial grade Caster.
  • The Lite model of SNIP is provided free of charge for both commercial and private use.
  • The Lite model of SNIP is the most widely used NTRIP Caster in the world.

Free Download


Beyond the features found in the Lite model, The Basic model adds additional features needed to operate a small NTRIP network…

  • The Basic model supports eight data streams (and unlimited user connections),
  • Licenses for additional GNSS devices (streams) can be purchased as your network grows, 
  • Adds support for legacy TCP/IP connections,
  • Decodes more RTCM message types to the detailed bit level,
  • Allows operating one NEAR type stream,
  • Allows using PFAT methods on up to three of the streams,
  • Expands the reporting and management abilities of the Caster.  
  • Provides automatic basic IP blocking for host machine protection
  • Supports WEB based status summary reports

Cost: $1050.00


Beyond the features found in the Basic model, the Pro model adds additional features needed to operate a larger NTRIP network…

  • The Pro model supports thirty streams,
  • Licenses for additional GNSS devices (streams) can be purchased as the network grows,
  • Allows use of the Plug-Ins to expand SNIP with various additional features.
  • Allows operating up to 5 NEAR streams at once,
  • Unlocks all limits on legacy TCP/IP connections,
  • Unlocks all limits on using PFAT methods, for any stream,
  • Support for both common and/or multiple frames of reference using PFAT,
  • Adds some additional geo-tracing methods for tracking connected users (NTRIP Clients),
  • Various expanded Reporting functions,
  • Provides both basic and advanced and automatic IP blocking for host machine protection
  • Supports (additional) WEB based status summary reports

Cost: $4,850.00


Commercial and Private Use

Commercial use of the Lite model is allowed, but many firms elect to start with the Basic model, updating with additional stream licenses and moving to a Pro model when their situation merits.  The SNIP purchase process allows a trade-in credit where your prior model investment is credited again the next model, contact us for details.

And, Unlike most commercial Casters, SNIP does not involve a reoccurring yearly maintenance cost.

All models of SNIP allow an unlimited number of end users (NTRIP Client) connections.


Add-on Licenses

Existing Users who wish to increase their simultaneous stream limit (slot limit) without upgrading to the next license tier may elect to purchase an add-on license. These licenses allow the SNIP operator to add more streams in units of 1, 3, 5, 10, 25, 50 or 100 additional streams, increasing their maximum allowed simultaneous connections.  All licenses can be used in a cumulative fashion, adding to the allowed total for that copy of SNIP.

Additional Stream LicenseInfo1-Pack$250.00
Additional Stream LicenseInfo3-Pack$650.00
Additional Stream LicenseInfo5-Pack$1060.00
Additional Stream LicenseInfo10-Pack$1,800.00
Additional Stream LicenseInfo25-Pack$4,000.00
Additional Stream LicenseInfo50-Pack$8,000.00
Additional Stream LicenseInfo100-Pack$16,000.00

Further Details

For additional SNIP products details please see:

Detailed Feature Matrix