The RAW TCP/IP Streams tab


The RAW TCP/IP tab is used to view, create, and manage any RAW (as in pre-NTRIP) style TCP/IP connections needed to create mountPts from GNSS Base Stations.  This type of stream is most useful to connect older GNSS Base Stations (typically >10 years old) which do not understand the NTRIP protocol (and hence cannot emulate an NTRIP Server device).   This is discussed further in this article.

Further details on how to set up and operate a RAW TCP/IP stream are provided here.

To operate one or more RAW TCP/IP streams your SNIP installation must have registered a Basic License or better (operation of RAW TCP/IP streams is also allowed during the evaluation period).

Hint:  The above image shows six active RAW TCP/IP mountPt streams on a SNIP node that has  been running for about 15 hours.  The ports 3000~3005 have been used for these connections (unlike the NTCIP protocol, only one connection per port is allow with using RAW data).  In the image above, three of the streams allow connection only from specific IPs ( and, while the others (ones with the text “Open”) will accept data from any IP address.

Hint:  You can right click and plot or decode the these Base Stations in the normal way.  Another right-click selection will display the current Caster Table entry setup details for that stream to allow editing the Caster Table entry.

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