Question: What is an NTRIP Client

An NTRIP Client is the software element used by the rover (the GNSS devices out in the field) used to connect to an NTRIP Caster such as SNIP to gain access to the data stream of connections it needs.  There can be many hundreds of such clients connected to SNIP, each connected to different data streams provided by the Caster.


Typically the NTRIP Clients are GNSS rover devices in the field with a thin layer of software to connect to the Caster and to feed the resulting data stream directly into the GNSS device by way of a serial port.  In more advanced GNSS devices, this software is built directly into the rover device.  In lower cost systems it is very common to use a PC or PDA as the client, connecting to the GNSS devices with a serial port, while connecting to the SNIP Caster over the internet.

GNSS devices in the field vary widely depending on the specific needs.  For field deployments needing only decimeter accuracy (rather than centimeter or better) many people use combinations involving a cellular phone / PDA with an external GNSS linked with a Bluetooth connection.  There are a number of firms which offering specialty vertical market software to do this.  And with the recent release of raw code / carrier data from Android phones, this “sub meter” market is expanding quickly (it remains very unclear and unlikely that the phone itself can provide clean measurements for this).  More traditional survey and precision Ag needs will typically involve a dedicated GNSS devices with a suitable antenna well mounted on a stationary or moving platform.   SNIP is agnostic in this regard and will send corrections streams to all of these configurations.

Where can I get an NTRIP Client?  
If your GNSS vendors does not provide a NTRIP Client, here is a list of popular ones to try.

Does my GNSS system have a NTRIP Client built in?
If it was intended for various survey use applications, comes with a radio or WiFi, cost more than a few thousand dollars, or is newer than the past ~5 years, the answer is probably yes.

On connecting two GNSS devices (one as the NTRIP Server or base station and one as the rover) …

Does my GNSS system have a NTRIP Server built in?
If it is an L1/L2 device and cost more than a few thousand dollars, then the NTRIP Server ability may be part of it,
but it is also very likely this is a paid feature that you may have to unlock in order to use.

Does my GNSS system have a NTRIP Caster built in?
If it cost more than a few thousand dollars, the answer is probably yes.
So it can connect directly to SNIP over the internet acting as an NTRIP Server.
But is may be limited to supporting only a few users at a time, while SNIP is not.

My GNSS system does not have a NTRIP Caster built in, what can I do?
Serial Answer:  Connect it directly to SNIP by way of a UART Serial port.
TCP/IP Answer: Connect it directly to SNIP by way of either a PUSH-In port or by a Remote-Relay or (it is it older) by the Raw-TCP/IP method.  Any of these methods can be used to publish your corrections.

My GNSS system is a uBlox 6T or M8T device, what can I do?
RTKLIB Answer:  Use the free tool RTKLIB to connect to it, translate uBlox msgs to RTCM msgs and send it to SNIP.

You can always obtain the most current release of SNIP here.

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