Back-Up Service One_Month_Trial

This Plug-In allows a SNIP NTRIP Caster to automatically create a Back-Up of all key system setting and send the resulting file off-site for recovery uses.

Note:  This is a ONE MONTH TRIAL license. 

At the end of the trial period you can renew the trial for another month,
or transfer to an annual license (which is more cost effective).
The time remaining on your current license is prorated
(added) into the new annual license time.

Routinely and automatically create a copy of all your settings at a predetermined rate (daily, bi-daily, weekly, etc.)

Encode the resulting ZIP file with a password you provide.

Manage local copies of the backup (keeping from 2 to 50 prior copies while deleting older copies)

Send the backup ZIP file off-site to a remote location of you choosing including:

  • Send to a remote FTP server site
  • Send as an attachment to a pre defined eMail account

With this Plug-in a private and secure cloud storage is established for you and hosted on the cloud.


For additional knowledge base pages on setup and use see:

Setup for Back-Up use

Backing Up SNIP, the key files involved.

How to perform a simple One-Click Back-Up


Note: When installing the Plug-In key please be sure to select the “one month” item in the combo drop down menu.

See also:

Purchase an annual license using this link.


Note: Use of this Plug-In requires a SNIP Pro license to run.