Back-Up Service

This Plug-In allows a SNIP NTRIP Caster to automatically create a Back-Up of all key system setting and send the resulting file off-site for recovery use.

Routinely and automatically create a copy of all your settings at a predetermined rate (daily, bi-daily, weekly, etc.)

Encode the resulting ZIP file with a password you provide.

Manage local copies of the Back-Up (keeping from 2 to 50 prior copies while deleting older copies)

Send the final Back-Up ZIP file off-site to a remote location of your choosing including:

  • Send to a remote FTP server site
  • Send as an attachment to a pre defined eMail account

With this Plug-in a private and secure cloud storage is established for you and hosted on the cloud.


For additional knowledge base pages on setup and use see:

Setup for Back-Up use

Backing Up SNIP, the key files involved.

How to perform a simple One-Click Back-Up


Note: When installing the Plug-In key please be sure to select the “one month” item in the combo drop down menu.

See also:

You can test drive this Plug-In in a one-month trial using this link.

Note: Use of this Plug-In requires a SNIP Pro license to run.