Using the Serial UART Connection Wizard

The serial stream configuration wizard provides a simple step-by-step method to add a new serial data stream to your SNIP Caster.  This guide will give an overview of each step in the stream configuration in the wizard. Getting started: The serial stream configuration wizard can be located under  the menu item  “Control->Add Serial […]

Adding a Serial UART Data Stream

SNIP allows adding data from one or more serial ports as data streams to the Caster. Here is how to set up a serial port connected to your GNSS device.  This eliminates the need for the NTRIP Server element as SNIP becomes both the NTRIP Caster and and performs the […]

Serial Data at 2Hz

When sending serial message at rates over 1Hz, the serial read interval should be decreased from the nominal value of 500mS to half the period at which these messages will arrive.     Unlike TCP/IP connections which are processed within one or two milliseconds of arrival, each serial port uses a polling […]

Correcting USB/Serial Driver Problems

To connect a serial stream in SNIP see the article:   Adding Serial UART Data Streams To understand and connect all the physical cables, then this article covers the hardware side. To understand and install the required device drivers needed, read on…  This article covers a few hints and best practices […]

Connecting Serial Ports and USB to your PC

To connect a serial stream in SNIP see the article:   Adding Serial UART Data Streams To understand issues with drivers, see the article: Problems with USB / Serial Drivers To understand and connect all the physical cables needed, read on…    This article covers a few products and best practices on […]

The Serial Streams tab

The Serial Stream tab is used to view, create, and manage the serial UART stream connections to data sources which you want SNIP to serve.  A right click pop-up menu (shown above) is used to control the settings for each stream. Each serial stream has additional unique needs that other […]

Can SNIP read serial data from my GNSS?

Yes One of the primary uses of SNIP is to perform the roles of both an NTRIP Server as well as an NTRIP Caster when serial data from a GNSS device is available.  This allows publishing data to multiple NTRIP Clients.  Here is an article that explains how to connect […]

Systems Logs (SysLogs)

This article provides an overview of the system logging features found in SNIP.   The logging process collects “counts” of various performance metrics as the Caster operates.  These are then reported graphically over time periods spanning from minutes, to weeks, or years in duration. The data gathering and binning process is […]

Pre Release SNIP editions, 2.x

You have found the SNIP 2.x BETA Release Channel  See also: release notes for 2_00_00,   2_01_00,   2_02_00,   2_03_00,   2.04_00,   2.05_00, 2.06_00,    2.07_00,   2.08_00 ,   2.09_00,   2.10_00,    2.11_00  and  2.12_00 Some of our licensed users have asked for the development team to post the […]

Basic Concepts

An NTRIP Caster (like SNIP) is needed when you need to send RTCM message corrections from a single Base Station to more than one Rover device by way of the internet. Some Basic NTRIP Concepts NTRIP is the primary means by which you connect your correction sources to your moving […]

Microsoft Updates and USB drivers

Possible USB Upgrade Problems, courtesy of Microsoft Recently (from mid-August 2017 to September 6th when this article was written) various Microsoft periodic updates have also included replacing USB driver code.  We have multiple reports of issues arising from this where after the updates a previously working serial port (connected by […]

Beta 0_9_0 Changes

What is new in the Beta 0_9_0 release    [June 03, 2016] This is the first public Beta, prior SNIP releases were Alphas with a limited release distribution. The basic visualization and navigation solution charting abilities in SNIP were expanded and some additional user control elements were added. The new visual elements […]

Filtering by Stream Types

The console also supports filtering the type of entries by basic Stream Types.  This allows you to display or hide major portions of the console content.  You can enable or disable filters for: Client Details Events when your NTRIP Clients attempt to connect and disconnect Relayed Caster Details Events when […]

Filtering by Stream Name (by mount point)

The SNIP console supports filtering displayed entries by their Stream Name (by their published mount points).  The list of  mountPt entries changes dynamically as streams are added and removed in the Caster.  The image below shows the drop-down menu with a set of mountPt (from various US States, AL, CA,and […]

Console Logging

Along the lower half of the application window, below the set of control tabs, is a scrolling textual display called the console log. Several controls provide the means to control what level of detail is shown.  Below that, at the bottom of the application window, is a status display line. […]

Running SNIP for the very first time

When SNIP runs for the first time on a new machine, it presents the user with a large amount of log detail which may be confusing for the first time user.  This entry serves to sort out the major sections of the log during the start up phase and give […]

RTCM 3 Message List

A complete list of all adopted RTCM 3 Messages with brief commentary. The official release of the standard at this time is called: RTCM 10403.4, Differential GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite Systems) Services – Version 4   (published December 01, 2023) Purchase a copy from RTCM here. Comments If you are interested […]

Release 3_12_00 Changes

What is new in the SNIP 3_12_00 release – released October 30th, 2023 (updating the prior release of 3_11 issued on September 08th, 2023) This is the next production release of SNIP following the Rev 3_11 release.  This release contains both major and minor improvements in response to user requests.  […]

Release 3_09_00 Changes

What is new in the SNIP 3_09_00 release – released March 02 2023 (updating the prior release of 3_08 issued on December 28th, 2022) This is the next production release of SNIP following the Rev 3_08 release.  This release contains various major and minor improvements in response to user requests. […]

Using RTCM2 with uBlox GNSS

This article covers the basics of how to setup a uBlox chip set to utilize RTCM2.x style corrections. In general the SNIP knowledge base articles do not provide Vendor or Model/Device specific setup instructions, preferring to point to documentation directly from the maker.  But as uBlox is often used in […]