Can SNIP read serial data from my GNSS?


One of the primary uses of SNIP is to perform the roles of both an NTRIP Server as well as an NTRIP Caster when serial data from a GNSS device is available.  This allows publishing data to multiple NTRIP Clients.  Here is an article that explains how to connect a serial port.

SNIP accepts serial data from between one and 15 serial ports depending on your license level. This data is then processed as a stream in the caster table just like any of the remote/relay or push data sources SNIP is connected to.

If your current GNSS device does not provide or have the NTRIP Server function built in (many vendors charge an additional $1K or more for this ability), then let SNIP do it.  You will save $, and gain the additional benefits of a fully functional NTRIP Caster under your own control.

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Hint: If your serial device is in fact a uBlox  6T or 8MT device and you need RTCM3 messages, (not uBlox proprietary messages), let the RTKLIB tool “StrSvr”  (Stream Server) both convert the message formats for you and connect directly to SNIP.  It can readily connect with either a serial port feed or act as an NTRIP Server feeding SNIP.  Here is an article on how to set it all up.

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