Editing PUSH-In Reservations when live

It is fairly common to edit or to create a PUSH-In reservation when the end user of the reservation (the remote NTRIP Server) is either connected or trying to connect to your SNIP node at the same time.   Both parties cannot edit the same data at the same time, and […]

Pre Release SNIP editions, 2.x

Some of our licensed users have asked for the development team to post the latest edition of SNIP with developing but officially still unreleased features at a common page. This page has been created to serve that need.  Most users will not need these transitory downloads and should wait until […]

Release 1_12_0 Changes

What is new in the SNIP 1_12_0 release  [released December 21st 2017] Includes the SNIP 1_12_1 release  with full support for 32 /64 bit restored  [released January 5th 2018] This is the next release of SNIP following the Rev 1_10_0 release on July 12th. This is the final release of […]

SNIP Beta 1_11_9 completed

Update The 1.11.9 Beta release code has been passed for production, and will be released as 1.12 on December 21, 2018.  This page is kept only for historical needs.  The most current download of SNIP contains all of these feature improvements.   You can read about key 1.12 features here (link […]

Mixed data types with uBlox

Many people use RTKLIB and its STRSVR program to convert uBlox into RTCM 3.x message types before sending them to SNIP for distribution. This data can then be used by any devices that consumes RTCM 3.x data, although it contains only L1 observations. Others prefer to send the raw uBlox […]

Orbit and Clock corrections feeds

The number of SNIP users, both SNIP Caster operators, and those connecting to SNIP nodes with NTRIP Clients, have been asking about orbital and clock corrections (the so called ‘State Space Representation’ (SSR) messages found in RTCM 3.3 messages and beyond).  SNIP handles every defined and adopted SSR message, as […]

PFAT: Parse Settings

With the advent of release 1.10 and onward, SNIP now uses intelligent auto-parse logic to determine the format of the messages in the data stream and reacts accordingly. As a best practice, enable the Parse checkbox on all streams. Do this unless you specifically want the stream to be treated […]

Displaying Base Station Quarter Cycles

The term “Base Station Quarter Cycle Phase Shifts” refers to two bit fields you can find in the 1005 and 1006 message types (of RTCM3).  The design choices used by the GNSS manufacturer affects how observations measurement of code and carrier are aligned.  This data element is intended to inform […]

Introducing PFAT

With release 1.12 and onward, the the P.F.A.T. control system present in the Enterprise editions of SNIP is being moved to the Pro, Basic, and Lite editions.  Lite copies of SNIP share the same code base, but many of these innovative features are disabled in the freely available Lite edition. […]

Non-ASCII used in Caster Table

A minor bug is the way SNIP creates the Caster Table header when using non-Latin fonts has been discovered and is now corrected.  We have had no reports of this issue causing end user connection problems.  The patch is present in SNIP release 1.11.7 and thereafter (production release 1.12 on-wards). […]