Pre Release SNIP editions, 2.x

Some of our licensed users have asked for the development team to post the latest edition of SNIP with developing but officially still unreleased features at a common page. This page has been created to serve that need.  Most users will not need these transitory downloads and should wait until the production build is tested and placed into a general release.  

Consider these releases to be like the “weekly build” downloads found on some other sites.  There is no reason for the average SNIP deployment to use these builds.  There is some possibility that these builds will be unstable, but of course we only learn that after the fact.   Not every feature developed here will be available for every model of SNIP (in fact few of these features are intended for the free Lite model), and no such promise should be implied.  These builds often run for less than 2 months after their code build release date, as they are temporary.  Some of these builds will require a unique password to unlock the build or the feature being tested. If the build is restricted in any way, that will be noted below. Not all interim builds will be released in this way.

And no warranty or any fitness of use etc. should be inferred from the code placed here.   Our normal license terms, patent use restrictions, acknowledgments of the use of open source code in the work, and our trademarks all still apply.  SNIP® is a registered trademark of SCSC.  Now that we have gone over all the legal stuff….

You have found the SNIP 2.x BETA Release Channel


Pre-Release Copies of SNIP 2.x, use at your own risk

The below releases will run for 30 days from the date of build.  The below releases require a valid license (Basic, Pro, or Enterprise) to be used.  Newly licensed users are allowed to download these files if they desire. These releases are not intended for general use, rather for those testing the new PFAT features in Revision 2.x.   The revision numbering range 1.15.00 ~ 1.19.00 has been used for this work.  These revisions run on any Widows PC from Windows 7 onward (32/64 bit both supported).   There is no installer provided; the binary below presumes a valid copy of SNIP has been installed on target machine.  It is suggested that you install this alongside your current SNIP installation. In this way you can easily switch between the production release and this copy, running one or the other at any time.

Revision 1.15.xx

Code refactoring to enable general report management software and complete PFAT menu system, not released.  Some debug messages also enabled.   PFAT message filter dialog and logic installed.


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