Beta 0_9_0 Changes

What is new in the Beta 0_9_0 release    [June 03, 2016]
This is the first public Beta, prior SNIP releases were Alphas with a limited release distribution.

  • The basic visualization and navigation solution charting abilities in SNIP were expanded and some additional user control elements were added. The new visual elements include displaying the GPS time stamp of the data set, providing some additional “delta” style charts, and adding a small label in several charts to denote each point’s offset from a running positional average.   The right-click menu item for these services was renamed “Graphical Views” from “monitor” used before.  The delta 3-dimentional chart shown below is one of the new styles added.

3DexamplePlotExample of a SNIP 3D plot of estimated position

  • While 3-dimensional charting has been part of SNIP for some time, in this release the development team has also added rotational controls to the display to adjust the perspectives used in plotting.  This allows the user to get the view point “just right” when the positional estimate is curling in strange ways.
  • A new Serial Port setup wizard has been added to SNIP This simple wizard is similar to the one introduced in release 0_8_8 for setting up new Relayed Stream connections.  It is intended to guide users through the correct setup of a serial port.


  • The SNIP redesigned console logging and filtering functions released in the 0_8_8 build were further improved based on some user feedback.  The refresh button was divided into two buttons, one showing only the last 100 relevant (nonfiltered) events, and the other showing the entire log. With several thousand possible log entries this provided a more interactive user experience. [The GUI in SNIP lives in its own threading model so such reporting has no effect on the Caster performance.

Other improvements in this release include:

  • A number of new KB articles on how to use the RTCM3 message decoder and the Universal Decoder tools have been added.
  • A memory leak which occurred under stressed loading conditions, when >250k clients users per day connected, was detected and removed .
  • A new script for the uBlox 6T GNSS device was added to allow device configuration (setup) to occur from the USB port (other existing scripts provided allowed setup from the serial UART port).
  • Initial Linux installation scripts for SNIP have been complete and will begin their own testing soon. Interested Ubuntu testers are sought at this time.
  • After the one hour time limit for the evaluation of unregistered copies of  SNIP ends, an additional dialog is presented to explain to the user how to register the copy in either free (Lite) or paid modes.
  • Minor changes to the web site were made to support moving to a public Beta release.

The Next Release

SNIP Users:  As this is the first beta release to a wider group of new users, we ask that you place comments on usage and any problem encountered under a suitable topic in the forum.

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