Advanced Topics

The SNIP Knowledge Base can be divided into two sections, initial basic topics and more advanced topics.  The below six sections deal with basic setup and management issues of the NTRIP Caster, as well as questions new deployments often  have.


Getting Started

Tabs, Controls, the GUI

Adding Your Base Stations

Adding Your Users (NTRIP Clients)

General Topics


Advanced Topics

The sections below deal with more advanced topics.  Most of the features described in the below articles are not available on the Lite model of SNIP, but require a paid model (Basic, Pro or Enterprise)  to use.

NEARest Base Station Networks

Use with RTKLIB based products

RTCM 3.x Messages and Decoding

PFAT™ Topics (advanced message content manipulation)

Creating Document Reports

SNIP Release History


Initial Uses

When you first run SNIP, a few new user help pages are presented to you in tabs of the the document viewer.  After running SNIP more than 25 times,  these will no longer appear.  As you set various items (such as the Caster IP and port to use), some of the specific content will disappear as well.  The intent is to make it easier to deploy your own copy and get you up and running quickly.


Support is only an email or a call away.  Contact us at support[at] and please be sure to include the Caster IP address and port with your correspondence.  If you will need to send us logs or other data to reproduce an issue, please see this article for a few suggestions regarding how to capture a console log file.

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