SNIP 1.12.1 is Released

The SNIP NTRIP Caster rev 1.12.1 release is now available for download.
A fully functional evaluation of SNIP can be downloaded from our download page.


This version has added a great many improvements.  This is the final release before Rex 2.x (due out late Jan) and contains a number of early peeks at the new Rev 2.x feature road-map.

Our support site has a list of changes  as well as details of how to set up your own SNIP network.
For a quick tour of SNIP, please try this link.

This is a dual 32/64 bit release suitable for all Windows Operating systems from Win7 onward.
The 1.12.0 release was a 64 bit only build that caused issues on some user platforms.

Users of the 1.11.9 Beta should now update to this release.
Users of the 1.12.0 release should also now update to this release.