SNIP 3.02.00 is Released

The SNIP NTRIP Caster rev 3.02.15 release is now available for download. A fully functional evaluation of SNIP can be downloaded from our download page.


The 3_02_15 release provides a patch from a problem introduced in the 3_02_00 release where some deployments experienced errors when opening the Edit Users dialog.  Any deployment running 3_02_00 should update to 3_02_15 at this time.  Otherwise, the 3_02_00 release is/was a routine minor release to update all users from 3.01.00 to 3_02_00 and is recommended or all Windows users.


Many new features related to automatically detecting and sending eMail to the operator when connection problems with NTRIP Clients (users) and Base Stations occur.  A large number of minor bug fixes and user suggested changes are also incorporated.


Our knowledge base support site has a list of changes as well as details of how to set up your own SNIP network. For a quick tour of SNIP, please try this link.


This is a dual 32/64 bit release suitable for all Windows Operating systems from Windows 7 onward. You do not need to have a ‘server’ OS to use SNIP.  All Windows users should update to this release at this time.

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