uBlox 6T Tests over a 1km baseline

Here is an article with results of some simple static tests using a short base line set of uBlox 6T devices.    This shows how a low cost L1 only system can be used for RTK work.

ublox6t-1kmbaselineplotIf you plan to build a short simple baseline RTK system using these low cost devices, this serves to show what you can do.


2 thoughts on “uBlox 6T Tests over a 1km baseline

  1. Jonas Saulo Leorne Pontes Reply

    The program generate files, raw data of RINEX to render via GNSS for post-processed file Conference. Because I want to lease the venture in, plus I have to provide NTRIP for the company that hired me the raw files as do have an interest to buy the SNIP

  2. snipsuper Reply

    Language may be a issue here, but if you wish to convert the raw binary files that SNIP records to a final RINEX it is easily done.

    First; record the data itself (enable logging on the stream you have an interest in) See the KB for details regarding how to control how large and long (time period) the files are and where they will be stored.

    Second; use your favorite RINEX convertor tool (we often use RTKLIB but most GNSS vendors provide such a tool for free)

    You are done! But you might also care to use a tool like TEQC to run over the data and correct obvious cycles slips and such.

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