SAE DSRC J2735 V2x

This Plug-In allows a SNIP Caster to send RTCM / NTRIP messages in the SAE J2735 DSRC message set format for use in V2X applications.  Message traffic in either RTCM 2.x or RTCM 3.x format is parsed and then reformed to meet the ASN.1 uPER encoding rules used in DSRC.

The resulting message streams may be sent to Road Side Units (RSUs) for short-range radio distribution to the GNSS devices located within the vehicle’s On Board Units, (OBUs).  Alternatively, devices can contact the SNIP NTRIP Caster as NTRIP Clients in normal fashion as well.  Using the corrections stream, the vehicle’s location estimate sent in the Basic Safety Message (BSM), is improved.  When correctly using RTCM3 data, a moving vehicles can easily hold less than decimeter accuracy, and  < 30cm when using RTCM2 sources.

For additional knowledge base pages on setup and use see:

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Note: Use of this Plug-In requires a SNIP Pro license to run.