SNIP_Web One_Month_Trial

This Plug-In allows a SNIP NTRIP Caster to accept commands from a Web Browser, for remote administration of the Caster.

Note:  This is a ONE MONTH TRIAL license. 

At the end of the trial period you can renew the trial for another month,
or transfer to an annual license (which is more cost effective).
The time remaining on your current license is prorated
(added) into the new annual license time.

Use this Plug-In to perform routine daily operations remotely from any browser.

Create / Edit / View / Delete and Chart both User Accounts (NTRIP Clients) and Base Stations.

Check the status of users and bases while in the field over your smart phone.

Account access can be controlled to allow read-write or read-only of Caster data.

Allow your tech support staff to administer the Caster without needing to log on to the host machine.

You can also allow selected Customer Accounts to have access to setup and manage their own User Accounts and Bases.

Note: In order to use this Plug-In you must also have an active Enhanced User Management (EUM) Plug-In


For additional knowledge base pages on the Web API please see:

List links to be provided on release

Note: When installing the Plug-In key please be sure to select the “one month” item in the combo drop down menu.

See also:

Purchase an annual license using this link

Note: Use of this Plug-In requires a SNIP Pro license to run.