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This article describes the Base Station report which the Web API provides.  SNIP allows requesting this report remotely with any browser by authorized users.  An active Web API Plug-in is required for this feature.  First Login from an authorized account with either read-write privileges, or with read-only privileges. If you use an account with only read-only privileges, some of the information shown is reduced. [Click to enlarge the image]

The returned report contains much of the same summary information which is shown in the tooltip on the SNIP application (from the desktop, hover your mouse over any Base Station to see this).

The mountPt name and general location of the base is presented, as well as the IP from which it connected to the Caster and the NTRIP Agent used.  Click on the Source IP to get an IP report.

The location of the antenna center point is shown next in various coordinate units. Click on the Map-It button to be taken to an interactive Google map of the surrounding area.

Next a summary of the decoded message contents is shown.  You can decode these messages further in real time using the RTCM message decoder dialog.

Next is the Display Base and Users in a Map button which can be used to display both the Base Station and all the currently connected Users on a common map.  This article describes its use in more detail.

Below this is a table of the five currently connected users.  You will note that some have sent NMEA $GGA information to the Caster while others have not.

For each connected user there are two buttons.  Pressing the button with the user’s name displays a User Report for that user.  Pressing the buttons marked Map Path or Map IP produced only the map portion of the User Report.  The Map Path variant uses the prior NMEA $GGA sentences to plot the past movements (up for a few thousand points)  The Map IP variant uses the source IP to plot a gross estimate of the users location.

This is followed by the current Caster Table entry for this Base Station.

Finally, some statistical data about the overall connection time and data exchanged between the Base Station and the Caster is provided.




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