Message Decoding in the Lite model

The RTCM decoder view provided with all models of SNIP can decode all the defined RTCM3 messages at the basic message level.  In other words, the ability to show you what messages have been sent by a data steam.   The tool tips providing a summary of that each message contains are also present in all models.

The ability to display a more detailed decoding of a message in the free Lite model of SNIP is limited to the most commonly seen message types.  The other model of SNIP  (Evaluation, Basic, Pro, and Enterprise models) are not restricted in this way.

The List

Detailed decoding for the below commonly seen message types is provided in the Lite model

1004 Extended L1&L2 GPS RTK Observables
1005 Stationary RTK Reference Station ARP
1006 Stationary RTK Reference Station ARP plus the Antenna Height
1007 Antenna Descriptor (msg 1008 is also commonly used)
1012 Extended L1&L2 GLONASS RTK Observables
1019 GPS Broadcast Ephemeris
1020 GLONASS Broadcast Ephemeris


Graphical Display

The detailed contents of a message can be displayed or hidden by clicking on the small triangle to the left of each message line. The tree view expands, and if a selected message is not available to a Lite user, text to that effect is shown.  The below shows an example of a decoded message (#1006) and one that is not decoded (#1010) for Lite models



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