SNIP Beta 1.11.9 is Released

The SNIP 1.11.9  BETA release is now available for download.

This Beta of 1.12 (“one-twelve”) can be used by any party but it is intended as a final release before 1.12/2.x is shipped. It is available by direct download here.

If you want our latest efforts, please use the Beta.  If you want the current production build, use the link below.

A fully functional evaluation of SNIP NTRIP Caster can always be downloaded from our download page.

SNIP users can always upgrade to a new release at any time without cost


This version has several fairly large changes in the code base in preparation for release 1.12 (which will be the final release before the new 2.x edition in 2018). There are summarized here.

A few of these key items include a much improved console log system, a new stream menu system, more extensive base station tool tips, the start of the PFAT deployment for lower cost SNIP Caster models, and of course many minor improvements from user feedback.

Our knowledge base support site has as all the details of how to setup your own SNIP network, and it in the process of gaining a new user forum for more community interaction.

For a quick tour of SNIP, please try this link.