Question: Does SNIP have yearly fees?

It is very simple. No.   None.  Nothing.  Period.

Many firms lease their NTRIP Caster software and then also extract a large monthly or yearly ongoing fee for its use.  We do not.

SNIP is sold, along with a lifetime upgrade path for the model you purchase, for a single one-time purchase cost.

NOTE: There is a modest ongoing annual fee for certain Plug-In features released in Rev3.
The use of these are entirely optional and is limited to Pro models of SNIP.  These Plug-Ins provide additional abilities desired by those running a SNIP Caster as part of a business concern (more details about available Plug-In features be found here).


Software upgrades are always free, automatically downloaded and installed, and typically released every 90 days (or less) as requested features from our user community are incorporated.

  • You can upgrade to a higher level model (aka  Lite ⇒  BasicPro) with additional features at any time by paying the current cost difference. Your previous investment is fully credited to your upgrade cost.
  • You can purchase additional streams for any paid license at any time as your need to support additional Base Stations grow.

[See the pricing page for details]


You can use SNIP for private or commercial use as you see fit.  You are free to charge others for access to the data streams you provide and own in any way you see fit.  Yes, this includes the Lite model.


Our pricing model is based on the simple premise that NTRIP Casters can be widely sold to an ever growing market whose size is increasing daily.  Most of our competitors depend on a direct sales pricing model that is woefully out of date with reality and generally costs at least 10x times more than what a similar SNIP node does.

If you are considering the ROI to own and operate a Pro model of SNIP, you are looking at a few thousand dollars in upfront equipment and ongoing monthly telecom fees (plus your Base Stations of course).  Putting your copy of SNIP on a Virtual Machine such as as Amazon Web Services (AWS), adds another $60~70/mth for the VM rental.    [Your office DSL will probably suit any bandwidth needs unless you have a great many users]   Most Caster providers want $25k+ for this setup.  Another wants $5k/year and expects to own and resell your data in his network.  These are perfectly valid approaches to address a commercial business opportunity, but they are not the way we market SNIP.


Small Networks

The Lite copy of SNIP was expressly developed to make that point.  It is, and will remain, a free edition of SNIP that is well suited to operating small networks.  That is partly why it now has the largest share of the world-wide NTRIP Caster marketplace.  It provides all the core functions of a very robust NTRIP Caster for those that need one (or more than one; you can run as many copies as you like on as many PCs platforms as you like).  The Lite model of SNIP is very popular with the survey community, small GIS shops, construction shops, precision Ag users, L1-only developers, and a broad range of non-traditional RTK novelty uses.

Like the growing reach of the RTK revolution itself, we are often surprised and pleased to learn of the ways people are employing SNIP.  Both of our other core models, Basic and Pro, offer more streams and more features and are targeted to those needing medium to larger networks with various additional features and functions.

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