Enhanced User Management One_Month_Trial

This Plug-In allows a SNIP Caster to perform Enhanced User Account management.

Note:  This is a ONE MONTH TRIAL license. 

At the end of the trial period you can renew the trial for another month,
or transfer to an annual license (which is more cost effective).
The time remaining on your current license is prorated
(added) into the new annual license time.

Automatically enable or disable each user’s access based on Date-time, specific Base Stations, Equipment Used, etc. Provides a database of registrations for Customer contacts and users to manage access to all Caster resources. An essential tool if you are selling caster connection accounts.

Any NTRIP Client can be restricted in the way they are allowed to access your SNIP Caster including:

  • By Time (a predefined expiration time for any User Account)
  • By controlling the Base Stations any User Account can or cannot use
  • By allowed or restricted NTRIP Client software for any User Account
  • By allowed or restricted IP addresses for any User Account
  • By allowed or restricted MAC addresses for any User Account

Client / Customer Accounts can be created as well.

Customer accounts represent real world persons who then “own” one or more User Accounts.  The account process captures various details including common meta data such as the account owner’s full name, postal address, and various phone and eMail contact details, etc.

This Plug-In is intended for SNIP operators who charge for access to their Caster and who need to coordinate and manage user accounts while billing clients.  If the eMail Plug-In is present, automating routine communications with the the Customer Account is also supported.

For additional knowledge base pages on setup and use see:

General Enhanced User Account creation and use.  An overall summary of the process of creating restrictions can be found here (this article links to several other related articles that describe how various “user restrictions” are controlled).

General Customer Creation use.


Note: When installing the Plug-In key please be sure to select the “one month” item in the combo drop down menu.

See also:

Purchase an annual license using this link.


Note: Use of this Plug-In requires a SNIP Pro license to run.