Release 1_00_5 Changes

What is new in the SNIP 1_00_5 release    [November 7th 2016]
This is a minor service release of SNIP following after the rev 1_0_0 release of last month.  It is recommended for all users and is now the primary download.  At this writing, SNIP is now being used in over one hundred countries to operate NTRIP Caster networks.

The primary improvements made from release 1_0_0 are as follows:

  • Some users asked to be able to have all NTRIP clients sending NMEA-183 sentences back to SNIP to allow them to track the location of these users.  An override option has been added to the preferences menu to always assert the <send nema> flag in the Caster table entries to accommodate this request. This article describes various issues with using the NMEA $GPGGA sentence in this way in more detail.  Now the last location of any clients that support sending NMEA-183 sentences can be tracked as described here.
  • When NTRIP Clients are connected to a SNIP Caster and where autonomous user connections are disabled (you are running SNIP in a closed mode), the console log will now refer to these clients using the users log-on account names (“bob”) rather than the arbitrary client connection number (“#C123”).  A few changes in the report produced by the command List Current Users… also support this feature.
  • An issue with the periodic license checking used in Basic, Pro and Enterprise editions has been corrected. In the prior release, and after 10 days or continuous operation followed by a network connection loss, the license checking logic would not recover.  This has now been corrected.  Lite users were not affected.
  • The basic map display added in revision 1_0_0 has been changed to now use Google Maps.  Some additional display logic has also been added, with more coming.  The prior map vendor had some legal terms of service that would be a problem for continuing our goals to produce a high quality and free Lite edition of SNIP.

The Prior Release

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