Release 1_0_0 Changes

What is new in the Release 1_00_0 release    [October 17th, 2016]
This is first full production release of SNIP after along beta test period.   At this writing, SNIP is now being used in over a hundred countries to operate NTRIP Caster networks.

The primary improvements made from release 0_09_8 as as follows:

  • This release removed a number of minor debug items and provided a general clean-up of the “Beta” code base.  The overall emphasis was to have a very stable release so we could take a step back and start work on some major improvements we have been holding back on.  Just wait, you will love them!
    • Do not let our constant flow of upgrades delay you; all purchasers of SNIP are entitled to lifetime upgrades at no additional cost.
  • One of the more visual changes made was to add a simple map graphical display to the tool which allows users to see the location of the different mountPt data streams.   Similar to the map display shown by many NTRIP Client tools, it lets the user pan and zoom to review locations.  We have set this tool up to express the names of places using the local fonts and dialects. So, as an example mountPts located in Russia are in the cyrillic font.  [Note, a new system using Google Map is employed in current releases.]


  • Several of the tool tips have been changed to use html style tip text and the status bar also now hints as to their intended use.
  • The way PUSH-Out data streams were counted on the main tab was corrected to reflect these value the overall summary displays.  Because PUSH-Out stream go directly to another remote NTRIP Caster, it made sense to keep the data counts separate from the list of mountPt that SNIP is serving to others (see stream types). The new format better reflects that some people use SNIP simply as a method to send their personal base station out to another Caster (having SNIP act as an NTRIP Server).
  • Improvements were made in the way “Vanity Names” were used for mountPts. Due to user requests, now a vanity names can be assigned to any caster stream type.  So, for example, a connection to a VRS mount can be renamed “nearMe” rather than the source name which might be shared by other mountPts (iMax etc.).  SNIPs proprietary mountPt naming logic will prevent any issues from name collisions in any event.
  • Problems recalling the NMEA-183 sentences setting between power cycles used for VRS were corrected.  The last sentence received from connected NTRIP clients is also now kept and is displayed for those wanting to track their users. [And yes we  will be adding this ability to the Map display as well]
  • Certain Legacy users where updated to the use the new “flex” licensing system which was introduced in release 0_9_8 of SNIP.

The Prior Release

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