Question: What NTRIP Client should I use?

That is a hard question to answer without knowing more about your needs and goals.

If you are seeking a very simple, yet robust NTRIP Client for use on a PC, one of the best choices would be the free product offered by Lefebure Design, LLC  see the site at:

This is the tool of choice, hands down, if you just want a very simple and direct way to get corrections onto your desktop and out to a serial port into your GNSS.  No GNSS tools to clutter things up, just a bare metal connection. He also makes an Android variation that uses Bluetooth to send the stream to your GNSS.


No discussion of NTRIP Clients would be complete without mentioning the work of the German GDC (GNSS Data Center) in creating the BKG Ntrip Client (called BNC) which is maintained by Leos Mervart and Georg Weber, among others.   You can download  this tool, both in compiled and in source form from:

At the bottom of the above page you will also find a listing of many of the key NTRIP Clients and other related tools used by both professional and amateur practitioners in the art of RTK navigation.

Many GNSS vendors provide an NTRIP Client for their own devices.  Often these clients are available at no cost.  By contrast, NTRIP Servers and NTRIP Casters tend to cost quite a bit, which makes SNIP an effective solution in such cases.

Build one yourself….

For Programmers: It is fairly easy to build an NTRIP client if you have any experience with TCP/IP. but it can be a bit challenging the very first time.  Some of the links above, as well as some of the open source projects like RTKLIB, can get your first programs going.  In essence, your code will connect to the Caster (picking which stream), and then pipe that stream over a serial port to your rover GNSS device. You never need to understand or decode RTCM, but of course that skill can be of value.  You can also use SNIP‘s  build-in RTCM 3 decoder & viewer and its universal decoder functions to help you with you development, another unique feature present in SNIP.

See also this related article for more NTRIP Client choices.

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  1. gnssdata11

    SNIP Beta 0.9 on Win 8.1 Pro 64:
    BKG Ntrip Client (BNC) 2.12.2 (on Win 7 pro 64) can’t read the source table: “error message Cannot retrieve table of data”

    Lefebure Caster (on the same machine as BNC above) can download the table!

    The source table is lacking the pushed streams received by SNIP and configured/connected ok in the pushed streams tab.

    Any hint for this?

  2. gnssdata11

    To add further detail to my previous comment on clients above:

    This is the sourcetable retrieved through firefox (so no client involved here):
    Server: SubCarrier Systems Corp SNIP simpleNTRIP_Caster_R0.9.0/of:Jun 3 2016
    Date: So, 12 Juni 2016 16:14:25 UTC
    Content-Type: text/plain
    Content-Length: 103

    STR: WITTF;RTCM 3.0;RTCM(1);2;GPS+GLONASS;DE;DE;48.84;11.20;0;0;Trimble AgGPS_542;none;B;N;9600;none;ENDSOURCETABLE
    it seems (at least to me – comparing with other casters) that
    we should have a semicolon after the “STR” descriptor and NO leading ahead of the mountpoint. That could cause the behavior of Lefebure not seeing the mount point in a table from SNIP and the BNC failing to display the table?

    Anything on country/locale/numbering format settings?

    Mmh another one: relayed streams don’t make it into the source table. in that respect my previous post was WRONG: push streams DO make it…


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