Using the Relay Wizard to Set Up A New Relayed Caster Stream

The Relayed stream configuration wizard provides a simple step-by-step method to add a new relay data stream to your SNIP Caster.  This guide will gives an overview on each step of the stream configuration process in the wizard.

Getting started:

The relayed stream configuration wizard can be located under  the menu item  “Control->Add Relayed Stream…”


Wizard Step-By-Step:

The configuration wizard can be completed with three options:

  • Create a new relayed caster stream by filling in all details from scratch.
  • Create a new relayed caster stream by loading a configuration previously stored in the application’s setting file.
  • Create a new relayed caster stream by partially completing details using a relayed caster that was previously connected to.


Regardless which option is selected, the next page will ask the user to fill out the details required to connect to a remote caster:


The host and port are mandatory information to establish connection to a designated remote caster.  Some Casters may require user authentication in order to connect.  Finally, select which data stream (the mountPt) on the remote Caster from the mount point list.  The mountPt list is automatically populated with the mountPts that Caster is currently offering in its table, however you can also add a mountPt string manually when selecting a “hidden” Caster stream.

Optional settings are available in the “Additional Settings” page.  Certain virtual reference stations require the client to send a NMEA-183 GGA sentence containing its location in order to connect and send back data.  Refer to the specific caster’s details to see if this option is required.


Finally, the user can decide whether to store this configuration into the application’s setting file for future use.  A saved configuration allow you to save all the details of the connection for reuse.  This is a useful step if you vary your Caster connections settings and will be returning to this Caster another time. Upon pressing the “Finish” button, a new relayed caster stream will be added under the “Relay Stream” tab, and SNIP will attempt to connect to the target stream.



By following the above example, a new relayed caster stream is created.



Experienced users can also use the Add New Caster Stream dialog (described here)  to complete the Caster connection details.

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