Now that you have downloaded SNIP, you will want to install it and register it on the target machine.

Enter the registration code provided with your purchase to enable the additional features.
See this link for details.

Advice For SNIP Evaluation users

But do not register too fast…   The evaluation copy of SNIP you have just downloaded starts in the Basic mode allowing up to eight simultaneous data streams and operating for one hour each time it is started.  [You can restart SNIP as many times as you wish]  This allows you to evaluate more of SNIPs core features.  You can, for example, evaluate the NEAR functionality during the evaluation period.

Each time you restart SNIP, your prior settings are retained, so it is easy to build up or edit your first network.  When SNIP starts for the first time, a connection to one of our open servers is made to show you a typical setup with a few examples common RTCM streams.

If you encounter problems setting up SNIP for your own stream, please drop us note
at:  support -at- (replace the -at- with @ of course).

When you decide to register SNIP, it will revert to Lite mode with fewer features, and the one hour time limit will be removed to allow for continuous 24-7 usage.  If you have purchased another model (Basic, Pro, or Enterprise) then the license key you were provided will allow you to unlock those features.


Quick Starts

  • Connecting your GNSS device by way of a Serial port? Start here.
  • Connecting to a remote GNSS by way of another NTRIP Caster? Start here.
  • Connecting your GNSS device by way NTRIP? Start here.
  • Just need to decode a data stream? Get the stream running with the one of the above, then start here.


Using the Knowledge Base

General User Guides and frequently asked questions (FAQs) can be found at our Support site.  Here are some key articles developed to assist you as you begin to use SNIP.

How to install SNIP on Windows Platforms

How to register your copy of SNIP

A Tour of the SNIP user interface

Running SNIP for the first time


Help us Improve SNIP

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This information will assist us in making SNIP a better tool for our end users.


Need more features?

The Lite edition of SNIP is free for both commercial and noncommercial use, but has a limited number of connections to other data sources.  You can run as many copies, on as many different machines, as you desire.  The other models, with increased connection abilities and other useful features, are node-locked and can be purchased from this web site.  You can upgrade at any time.
Here is a comparison of the various SNIP product offerings.