Message Monitoring

Message Monitoring

When the detailed content of one or more specific messages needs to be examined, SNIP provides a basic RTCM3 message decoder in a dialog for viewing the message details from multiple streams at once.  The menu item is called “Show in RTCM Viewer.”  This detailed decoding requires that the message stream be parsed for its RTCM3 content.

Aside: another option, “Show Message Types,” provides a more basic insight into the different types of messages that are present.  This second ability is of great value when multiple types of data are present in the same stream, or when sending proprietary data such as uBlox message content.   The typical use case here is to detect and remove such data (by correctly setting up the NTRIP Server data source) to ensure that extraneous data is not sent to the NTRIP Clients. Both of these commands are available under the right-click pop-up menu for each slot.




Message Monitoring is described in greater detail here.

See also Graphical Monitoring

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