Beta 0_9_1 Changes

What is new in the Beta 0_9_1 release    [June 16, 2016]
This is the second public Beta; prior SNIP releases were Alphas with a limited release distribution.

This release is primarily to correct problems found in the way SNIP handled PUSH stream data connections.

  • Multiple connect, disconnect, and reconnect actions from PUSH type streams caused a fatal memory leak which has now been corrected.  This was mostly evident when multiple PUSH streams were operating (Pro users), but it also affected the Lite and Basic models as well when reconnecting.   Below is a simple example of multiple PUSH-In clients connected to SNIP.

PushTabTrimedSeveral Active PUSH streams (Pro Edition)

  • There were problems with the Caster table inputs provided by RTKLIB’s tool suite when a tool such as RTKNAVI or STRSVR  was acting as an NTRIP Server and pushing data to SNIP.   RTKLIB could provide a Caster string that SNIP had used in error without further correction.  This ill-formed entry caused problems for other tools reading the caster table.  In essence, the solution was that the pattern “STR: ” became “STR;” and a final “\r\n” was appended to the input.  The first details about this issue appeared in a forum post regarding incorrectly making a caster table entry when using RTKLIB.  The problem only appeared on NTRIP Server sources from RTKLIB; all other vendors were unaffected.  The problem has now been corrected.
  • The user check box settings to allow or disallow the SNIP Caster to be “open” (i.e. not require passwords to connect) was not being restored between each application start. This problem has been corrected.
  • A new knowledge base article has also been added to provide assistance with common NTRIP Client log-on issues when the SNIP Caster is operating in closed mode (instructions on how to detect bad passwords etc.).
  • A status label which counted the number of files being logged at any given time did not include the PUSH streams in its counts.  The problem has been corrected.
  • Several changes have been made to the format of the weekly log files.  These are in support of the future release of a strong graphical set of tools to view the operation of SNIP and its streams and users over long periods (weekly reports and the like).
  • When a new NTRIP Client fails to connect to SNIP, the analysis report now shows the user’s password in plain text rather than as “XXX” as was done in prior releases.  This change was requested on the grounds that the operator has access to these values anyway (as only he/she controls adding the users).  The counter argument is that anyone viewing the SNIP screen can now see them as well.  We will let the user community decide what is best; please post in forums if you have a strong feeling on this topic.
  • Further changes to the web site were made to support moving to a public Beta release.

The Next Release

SNIP Users:  As this is the second beta release to a wider group of new users, we ask that you place comments on usage and any problem encountered under a suitable topic in the forum.

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