Beta 0_9_8 Changes

What is new in the Beta 0_9_8 release    [September 30th, 2016]
This is the final public Beta release, (Rev 1.0x will be released in mid-October).

  • The primary improvement in this release was moving to a more flexible licensing model that allows SNIP owners the ability to add additional connection streams.  Prior to this release a registered SNIP owner had to upgrade from “Basic” to “Pro” in order to add even a single additional stream. And the allocation of the stream types (remote-relay, serial, PUSH-In, and PUSH-out) was pre-allocated and fixed.  In our Beta tests this proved to be an issue with users who wanted more flexibility for their own unique needs.  In the new model all types of streams are treated equally and the user can apply any unused stream in their license to create any stream types they wish.  Here is an example showing the revised About Box for a Pro user who has also added nine additional streams (and is shown using eleven of the allowed 39 streams at this time, leaving 28 unused).


  • The new flexible licensing model applies to all variations of SNIP except the Lite model (which is and will remain free to use).  The Lite model cannot be upgraded beyond the 3 stream types it provides.  However, those can be of any stream type.  Registered users can obtain license keys for additional slots in various quantities to fit each of their needs.  A page of downloads containing a list of these additional new product descriptions is available here. The registration wizard also now contains additional options to add these slots; the process is described further here.

 snip_stream-1pack100x168   snip_stream-3pack100x168   snip_stream-5pack100x168  etc.

  • Further improvements in this release were also made to the PUSH-Out connection type streams, first released in 0.9.6 last month.  Additional logic was added to deal with start up slow networks and connection events when the source data to be PUSH-out is not yet fully connected or present.  More robust validation logic was also added to the text entry dialogs. The response to the Caster as a simple way for those without access to a static IP has been very positive.
  • From this release onward, all new user copies of SNIP are now registered over the web.  We no longer use an email system for this process.  The sending of the registration data and the returned license file is handled from within SNIP over a secure socket.  Some Windows 10 users were experiencing security issues with the self contained email system in SNIP.  The self contained email system is now used only by the Enterprise model of SNIP for outreach status to its registered NTRIP Clients

Important but more minor items n this release included:

  • Changes were made in how NMEA-183 sentences from NTRIP Clients are handled and now include keeping the last $GPGGA sentence (the user’s report position). This data is also used  in the reports of connected users (see this article for further details).
  • Provisions have been added to the registration process to allow users to move their own SNIP license to another machine with no need for SCSC assistance.
  • Combo boxes used with large lists of mountPts or caster lists are now alphabetically sorted.
  • A minor bug in right click content menu for Push In and out streams was fixed and it now correctly reflects the correct Parse – NoParse state for each stream.
  • Minor text changes were made to improve readability.
  • Further changes made to the and web site to support these new features.

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