Release 1_01_0 Changes

What is new in the SNIP 1_01_0 release  [December 2nd 2016]
This is another minor service release of SNIP following after the rev 1_0_5 release of last month. It is recommended for all users and is now the primary download. At this writing, SNIP is now being used in over one hundred countries to operate NTRIP Caster networks.

The primary improvements made from release 1_0_5 are as follows:

  • Many new users were having connection issues when they registered with the license server over https: This was traced to some socket security issues on new machines which have been corrected.
  • Corrected minor text details regarding how unused slot counts were reported in some dialogs.
  • The weekly connection log now contains a list of all NTRIP Client connections (as well as all Caster connections) which will be used to display the location of current and historical NTRIP Client connection over the world wide base maps.  The ability to display and plot the user set is still in development.
  • The warnings for the ten-day grace period when a general license validation fails to occur have been changed, as well as the time out logic used.
  • Minor dialog window sizes and CSS used have been adjusted to produce a better display when the windows machine is using larger sized fonts as the display default.
  • The very first time that a user connection for any new SNIP installation runs it connects to some representative RTCM streams to show the systems working.   One of these, named “LORS”, was struck by lightning nearly a month ago and is not yet repaired and replace. We have removed the LORS stream and replaced it with “gisar30” at this time.   The gisar30 stream is provided by ESRI (a major provider of GIS products) to users in the greater riverside area of California.  Of course SNIP operators are expected to change these to reflect whatever streams they require.

The Prior Release

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