Beta 0_9_6 Changes

What is new in the Beta 0_9_6 release    [August 23rd, 2016]
This is the fifth public Beta release, (prior SNIP releases were Alphas with a limited release distribution).

  • The primary improvement in this release was adding full support for PUSH-Out connection types to other Casters.  Now your copy of SNIP can also send your data to other Casters (other copies of SNIP or to any other NTRIP Caster).   The new functions are part of a new tab called “Output Data” where the basic layout and the right-click options are similar to other existing streams.

  • The primary flow above allows pushing any stream in SNIP  (remote-relay, serial type, or PUSH-In)  OUT to another NTRIP Device.  In this role, SNIP is acting as an NTRIP Server PUSHing Out its data to that NTCIP Caster.  [Another SNIP node might be the receiving NTRIP Caster, or any other device meeting the NTRIP standards]  We use the term PUSH-Out for this type of stream.
  • Any PUSH-Out streams which have been set up persist from one run to the next; reconnection is automatic (when Auto Start is enabled) and when the source data is available.    This supports the 24-7 nature found for all other SNIP streams.
  • In support of the new PUSH-Out stream type, the abilties for each mountPt were also expanded to allow a unique “vanity” name to be used for each outbound data stream’s target.  This allow renaming the final stream for each destination as would make the best sense.  In many ways this is similar to the vanity names supported by SNIP for remote-relay VRS connections.  In the above image, for example, the mountPt stream RTCM3EPH has been forwarded to another caster under the new name “Orbits.”
  • Various status reports regarding the current caster state have been adjusted to also report on the current PUSH-Out streams. The slot letter “O” for output has been used for this.  Here is an example of some PUSH-Out streams where in one case the data source has gone off line for a few minutes. [The source mountPt names are shown first then the destination and vanity mountPt name used]
There 5 streams being forwarded (Push-Out) to remote casters are as follows:
 Slot #O00:   Up    Sending STPT to : 2101 / STPTa
 Slot #O01:   Up    Sending SCSC02 to : 2101 / tstSevr2
 Slot #O02:   Dw    Sending LIVONIA_RTCM3-GG to : 2101 / SAE_Offices     Offline 10:57 minutes
 Slot #O03:   Up    Sending RTCM3EPH to : 2101 / Orbits
 Slot #O04:   Up    Sending NYQN to : 2101 / Queens
  • A new service called RTK2go has recently been established to support those SNIP users who do not have access to a static IP point and who need to exchange their base station corrections with others.  RTK2go provides a public caster service for registered users.  Registration is not required for NTRIP Clients, like our open caster service, using the RTK2go service does not require NTRIP Client registration.  During its beta test phase, access to send data to the Caster (a PUSH-Out stream from SNIP) has been made open and free as well.  See the web site for sign up details.

Important but more minor items included:

  • A problem with validating and saving odd characters in user logon passwords was resolved such that various symbols are now supported.
  • Information on how to install an SSL socket (needed for web security in some locations) was added when the lack of such a socket is discovered on the target machine. A knowledge base article was also added for this topic.
  • Various English typographical errors have been corrected.
  • The way in which large Hex data dumps were displayed to the user was reworked to present a more uniform and ordered table style to improve readability.
  • Minor changes to the  and the supporting knowledge base web sites have been made to add further articles and topics for users.  The supporting site was also stood up.
  • The product road map for the final beta (0.9.8) before Rev 1.0 is now nearly complete.  A few promising new features for RTCM2 stream users remain under wraps and did to make this cut. These were delayed until the final SNIP beta release in a few weeks.

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