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From SNIP Rev 3.06 onward, the Web API now supports retrieving recent console logs over the web interface.   The console log details are the same the administrator / operator would see if viewing the application from the desktop.  An active Web API Plug-In is required to use this functionality.   The new controls are displayed as part of the Web Top Page and are shown below.  These controls are only shown to Admin uses accounts who are logged on with read-write permissions


This control provides three present buttons to extract the “tail” of the log, and the Filter/Search control can be used to return only those console entries which match the provided string.

Last 50 Button

Pressing this button returns the last fifty console log entries in a web page lay out.

Like all returned logs, the format used presents the  Day of Week, full date,and time (in the time zone used by the Caster) before the actual entry.  [Hint: You can control the style shown on the console log itself by toggling the menu item TypesToggle the Label Style used  (which is located in the middle of the main screen). A wide number of style are supported.]

Two entries for a typical example log returned in this style are shown below

[Aug 16 Tue 20:58:11]:[C15001]:   No matching mount point, requested: [Mike], sending Caster Table and disconnecting.
[Aug 16 Tue 20:58:11]:[C15001]:   Client 'mike' #C5001 [85.xx.234.xx:61205] Disconnect (tried to mount Mike, was Never in table),139 Bytes in, 76.53 KB out, 
    CAUTION: The Bad Connections in a Row counter has risen to 219 for this IP, ban/block trips past 500 / 500

Last 250 Button

Pressing this button returns the last two hundred and fifty console log entries in a web page lay out.

Last 500 Button

Pressing this button returns the last five hundred console log entries in a web page lay out.

Search Button

The Search button allows entering a text string to filter the entries on.  Any log entry which matches (in a case insensitive way) is then returned.  This is an excellent way to reduced the returned log to only the entries that matter.

The most typical usage is to enter a fragment of the name of a Base Station or User account who is having problems and examine the results.


Keep in mind that the console log is finite.  Only the last ~15,000 entries are kept at any time.  For a very busy NTRIP Caster this may provide recent logs spanning back for a few hours.  For a less busy NTRIP Caster, this may cover a period of several weeks.


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