The Pushed-In Streams tab


The Pushed-In Stream tab is used to view, create, and manage in-bound connections from NTRIP Server devices which you want SNIP to serve.  These are often called PUSH-In streams, these streams come to your SNIP node from remote NTRIP Servers sending you data.  Your typical remote GNSS device acts as an NTRIP Server (sorry for the choice of name) and connects to the PUSH-In tab.   In order to connect, these devices need the password which you control and provide to them.

Check boxes which bear further mention…

The Allow Connection check box, when checked, allows new connections to occur, if they are well formed and know the system password which you have set (see Details below for how).  When this check box is not checked, no inbound connections can occur (reserved or otherwise).

The Start As Parsed check box, when checked, will parse all incoming data streams for RTCM 3.x content.  As a result of this, the Caster Table entry for this stream will typically be filled in with correct data automatically after about the first ~120 seconds.  This provides a convenient way to fill in message details and other tedious error prone information. This ability is only provided for RTCM 3.x streams, not for non-standard proprietary data.  When/if a caster table entry with content in a given field is provided during the initial connection, it will be used.  When this check box is not checked, no parsing occurs and the data stream is treated as a bent pipe mode where all content sent to SNIP is passed on to the connected clients.

The Start As Logged check box, when checked, will cause a log file to be made of the raw data.  When this check box is not checked, no logging occurs.


The SNIP Caster supports reservation system where each PUSH-In stream can have its own pre-established settings and controls.  See this article for further details.  Whenever possible, use the reservation system as this will ensure better record keeping for your connected devices.


See this article for further details on how to add a PUSH-In stream, create a system wide password, and control the level of console log details you will see.

See this article for further details on how to create a reservation for a unique PUSH-In stream.  This allows better overall control of who can send data to your SNIP Caster.


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