Beta 0_9_2 Changes

What is new in the Beta 0_9_2 release    [July 1st, 2016]
This is the third public Beta release, (prior SNIP releases were Alphas with a limited release distribution).

  • A problem with the way caster strings from PUSH sources were processed, first found in release 0.9.0, has resulted in reworking the table processing logic to follow the NTRIP standard more closely.  In prior releases of SNIP this table was at times ill-formed.  Now the mountPt and “home town” entries from all the known NTRIP Server devices at our disposal are all working in harmony, and more robust error detection logic is in place.
  • A new guidance article regarding how to create and send such a string to SNIP from the RTKLIB tools when acting as an NTRIP Server has also been created to assist users.
  • Three new chart types have been added to the basic visualization and navigation solution charting abilities in SNIP.  The charts show the number of SVs, the deltas observed in the time solution and the standard deviation residuals. Like the other chart types, they are intended as a quick and easy means to observe a data stream.   The suite of supported chart types is described further here.

SVs  resid

timeFrac  3d

Incidentally, these images show the use of the ‘file save’ button in the dialog.

  • Pro level users with many active serial connections (>5) and many other clients reported slow GUI response times due to too many trivial screen updates per second.  This has been reworked to modulate the rate at which various labels are updated under conditions of heavy loading.
  • The way in which NMEA-183 input strings sent from connected NTRIP Clients is handled in the console log has been reworked. SNIP will now display these strings the first few times they are received for a client (to aid in debugging) and then will suppress further log entries.   The use of NMEA-183 GGA and other sentences is discussed further in this article.
  • The startup sequence ordering has been changed to allow serial devices to be enabled before all the TCP/IP connections are started. (These are the slowest items due to the need to program them when starting.)
  • All PUSH connection streams now default to a non-parsed mode, passing all content they receive. This change was made to support some users who routinely use CRM/CRM+ data streams and are therefore required to re-start in a bent pipe operational mode.
  • Further changes to the  and the supporting knowledge base web sites have been made to support moving to a post beta release.

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