Beta 0_9_4 Changes

What is new in the Beta 0_9_4 release    [July 21st, 2016]
This is the fourth public Beta release, (prior SNIP releases were Alphas with a limited release distribution).

  • Improvements to the way SNIP handles connections to remote Virtual Reference Stations (VRS) have been added to allow more precise control of the requested base station position.  This article describes the major changes.


  • In addition, support for user defined vanity names with these streams has also been added; the same article describes this further.
  • This release marks the first appearance of a simple log dialog tool to display the overall up/down times and the bytes read and served for every stream on your SNIP site.  The tool makes it easy to see the overall performance of the individual SNIP streams.


  • A local language translation problem in SNIP was corrected. Those users who operated SNIP on non-English systems reported getting “the beta copy is too old” warning due to a mistranslation of words like “July” (English) and “luglio” (Italian), and in other languages.  We believe this issue is now fixed, but are unable to fully validate / test it.

Important but more minor items included:

  • A problem with relay stream types restarting after the unregistered user’s one hour evaluation period had past has been corrected. [Registration of SNIP Lite is free.]
  • Logic for the recently announced new leap second  (end of year epoch) has been added to SNIP.
  • A number of web site redesign issues are being dealt with before the formal rev 1.0 release of SNIP; if you have managed to navigate to this page, you will have seen some of these.
  • Minor changes to the  and the supporting knowledge base websites have been made to add further articles and topics for users.
  • The product road map for the final betas (0.9.6 and 0.9.8) before Rev 1.0 has been finalized.

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