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New Pages

Some new web pages have been created to assist first time operators with the initial setup process for SNIP.  These web pages are automatically shown inside the document viewer window, about 30 seconds after SNIP has started. They are only shown for the first 25 times SNIP is run.

These pages cover basic setup topics as follows:

The above three steps (Caster set up, Base Station connection, and adding User accounts) are all that are needed to deploy a new SNIP NTRIP Caster and to start serving corrections to others over the internet. But two further pages are also provided:

  • A quick GUI tour, a graphical view of the major tabs and their uses
  • And advanced topics page which provides links to other common SNIP Caster settings


The very first time SNIP is run on a machine, only the single welcome page is shown (with links to the other pages). Afterwards, the other relevant pages are shown if the SNIP‘s saved settings show that the user has not yet set those values.  For example, if the Caster IP has not been changed from local host (127.0.01) to a suitable value, the Caster IP setup page is displayed.

Many of the links on these pages bring up other pages from the knowledge base, the repository for all the help pages for SNIP.

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