Release 3_01_00 Changes

What is new in the SNIP 3_01_00 release – released April 27th 2021
(updating the prior release of 3_00_00 of March 9th 2021):

This is the next production release of SNIP following the Rev 3_00 release.  This release contains a one key new feature (the Back-Up process) as well as several minor SNIP corrections and improvements in response to user requests.  It is recommended that all deployments upgrade to this edition.

This release supports both 32-bit and 64-bit installations on all Windows Platforms from Windows 7 to the current editions.  It is strongly recommended that all Windows 32/64 SNIP installations now update to using this release.

Notable changes in this release include

Support for a Comprehensive Back-Up Process

SNIP now provides a one-click method to Back-Up up all the critical settings for your Caster.  Simply use the menu item below to perform a full Back-Up.

For SNIP Pro deployments a new Back-Up service Plug-in provides useful additional features.  This Plug-in provides the means to automate when the Back-Up run process is run, to protect the resulting file with a private password, and to automatically send the final ZIP file off-site for greater disaster recovery protection.   The general settings dialog for this is shown below.

Aside: The next Plug-In up for release will be the distributed Real-Time Monitoring service.

Other Misc. Changes of Note

  • In the Rev 3.00.00 release the setting for “Allow Anonymous Users” switch was not being saved each time.  As a result new deployments had to set this value every time SNIP was run.  Existing deployments tended not to notice this bug as they has already set the value to their own preferred state.  This has been corrected.
  • SNIP handles data streams from remote Base Station devices that do not correctly implement NTRIP correctly. SNIP implements a means to provide additional data using the the “Manual MountPt” dialog for any missing information (typically the city of origin).   Under some conditions the mountPt name could be set to be empty, causing issues in the Caster table.  This has been corrected.
  • From a user request; the additional message content details shown in the console log when charting a navigation filter are now only displayed when the checkbox “Log” is enabled.  This produces a cleaner console display on busy Casters.
  • Some users who participated in the beta testing of the User Time Restriction had certain control logic values set to values which were inconsistent with the final release.  As a result of this, these deployments saw valid user accounts getting disconnected every 5 minutes.  This has been corrected.
  • A number of internal text items were revised to use one style of English rather than a mix of both US and British English (e.g. canceled became cancelled etc.).


How to Update…

Updates to SNIP are always free and easy, your Caster will be offline about 3 minutes.  From within SNIP, simply use the menu item HelpCheck for Updates…   Your update will be downloaded from our secure servers and then you will be asked to allow SNIP to restart and update itself.  On some Windows 10 systems you must manually exit the current copy of SNIP to update.  That’s all there is to it!

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