Contacting SCSC for support

Technical Support questions regarding for SNIP are best handled by email.

Please send your questions to:

Of course, the better you can describe the issue you are having, the better we can reply.


With just a little bit of prior notice we can also support a TeamViewer connection to assist you when needed.
(we also support other remote connection methods).

We want to hear your suggestion for improvements and additional features for SNIP.


SNIP is a product of
SubCarrier Systems Corp. (SCSC)
Our physical offices are located along historical Route 66 in Glendora, California USA,
[Or at  -2467178.0125 -4674384.4272 +3558321.6435 in ECEF units]
and our phone support line is 888-950-8747 within the US and 01-626-513-7715 elsewhere.



SNIP and RTK2go are registered trademarks of SCSC.
SNIP is protected by US and international patents, both granted and pending.

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