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This article describes the contents of the Display Connected Users Report which the Web API provides.  SNIP allows requesting this report remotely with any browser by authorized users.  An active Web API Plug-in is required for this feature.  First Login from an authorized account with either read-write privileges, or with read-only privileges.

You reach this report by traversing from the Web Top Page to the section marked  Current Client Connections and Accounts then press the button Users-All.  [Aside: The button Users-FFA displays all the connected users with a NMEA information, sorted by Fixed / Float / Autonomous modes.]

The Report entries are sorted by the Base Station used, then the IP used, then the port used.

A summary of each connection is provided (data in and out and the time connected). The NTRIP Agent string is also presented.  If any NMEA $GGA data has been sent, the last NMEA sentence is also presented, and the LLH data is decoded and shown along with the distance to the base and the Fixed/Float mode.  Connections which are NTRIP Servers are also highlighted with orange text.

Aside: Because Base Stations are also active connections (in the TCP/IP socket sense of the term), they are also listed.  This is true even when there are no NTRIP Client devices connected to that base.  This sorting pattern results in all the users of a given base, as well as the source of the data, being grouped together in the report.

Here is an report fragment showing two such connections. The data and the links have been mangled to preserve privacy.

MountPt: ONCT_XYZ   35.xx.xx.9 : 63760 [#C1614]   'UserName@SomeEmail.com'   SNIP sent: 7.951 MB Connected for: 04:04:19 (H:M:S)
   User Agent:   NTRIP Client
   Last NMEA: $GPGGA,1945xx.05,361x.20000000,N,13950.40000000,E,4,10,1.0,0.000,M,0.0,M,,*52 (490th msg)
   Location:   Lat: 36.42xxx000 (°),   Lon: 139.64xxx000 (°),   Ht: 0.000 (m)
      (4) RTK Fixed [ 324.56m to Base ]
MountPt: ONCT_XYZ   202.xx.xx.2 : 37876 [#I600]   'I600'   SNIP received: 47.602 MB Connected for: 04:04:21 (H:M:S)
   User Agent:   NTRIP RTKLIB/2.4.3    is an NTRIP Server connection.

In the above the mountPt used is named ONCT_XYZ.

In the above we see that the data was sent into SNIP using a common RTKLIB tool and it has been sending for the past 4 hours. [The ‘I600’ indicates it was the 600th Push-In connection made on that caster.]

The user, using a User Account of UserName@SomeEmail.com, has connected from an IP starting with 35 (in the actual display the full IP values are shown in the link). It has been connected for just over 4 hours, and has sent in 490 $GGA messages in that time. The last of these is shown in full as well, decoding the message into a more readable Lat-Long-Height  set of values and computing that this location is exactly 324.56 meters from the Base Station.  The $GGA message reports that the device is in a Fixed mode of RTK operation.

In the way commonly used by most Web API reports, the links above connect to related reports about

And each of these provides suitable Google maps and movement plots as are appropriate.

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