Question: How Many End Users Can I Have?


All models of SNIP offer unlimited NTRIP Caster client connections for your users.

Practically speaking, more than a few hundred active client connections at once may reach the bandwidth limit of your local internet connection before the PC processor is loaded.  On a machine with more bandwidth, several thousand active user connections are easily supported.


You may run your server in either open mode (no account required to access its data streams), or in closed mode, where each user is required to have an account.  Unlike many other NTRIP Casters, SNIP‘s default user account allows 5 connections at once for each account – not just one!  You can change this value, on a per use basis, as you see fit.  Creating a new user account is a single simple dialog.

See the Knowledge Base Article “Managing Your Users” for more details.


Note: Client connections are unlimited, but Caster Stream limits are set by the license type. The freely available  Lite model of SNIP is typically sufficient for many small network operators who operate less then three base stations at a time.

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