Correcting a bug in PUSH-In streams

It has just been reported, and verified by SCSC staff, that there is a logic bug in the recent release of the SNIP (issued May 17th) Revision 1.8.0 concerning the way in which PUSH-In connections and data streams are processed for users with the (free) Lite model. The bug prevents accepting any PUSH-In connections, even when the password provided is correct for the free Lite model.

Users with other models (Evaluation users, Basic, Pro and Enterprise models of SNIP) are not affected by this.  But the Ubuntu beta (revision 1.9.0) is also affected by this.

Users with older versions of SNIP are also not affected by this.  Lite Users are advised to update to the new release (download here) IF your use of SNIP depends on the having any remote NTRIP Servers sending data streams to you using the PUSH-In feature.    The RAW TCP/IP data stream connection logic is also not affected by this.


SNIP Models Effected

  • SNIP only Lite Models, version 1.8.0 for Windows 32/64 operating systems
  • SNIP only Lite Models, version 1.9.0 for Ubuntu 64 operating systems

The issue only effects the use of PUSH-In streams for these models.

Details of the Issue

When a valid PUSH-In connection attempt is made, SNIP replies with console entries like:

[XXX]: NOTE: NTRIP Server Connection Attempt #Cxxx from IP:xx.xx.xx.xx Port:pppp, was Rejected.
[XXX]: The mountPt [XXX] was Rejected due to a BAD Password [YYY at:  <your local time>
[XXX]: Disconnected client ' #Cxxx' from: at <your local time>

Where: XXX is the name of your PUSH-In mountPt, YYY is the password which was sent, xx.xx.xx.xx is the IP that is sending the data, pppp is the port number that it used, and #Cxxx is the Nth connection   If you have the “Display Connection Details” switch checked, you will see the actual connection content displayed above these lines.

The password comparison, even when it matches the value which you have setup for use, is always rejected on Lite installations.

There is no workaround with the current release. If this feature is not required for your Caster needs, we suggest you ignore this issue until you elect to upgrade. [Lifetime Updates are free with SNIP]

Lite users can also upgrade to the Basic model and overcome the issue in that way (preferred solution).  Or users can revert to the older 1.6.0 release where this functionality was not disturbed.  Or users can remove the license.dat file from the application folder which will cause SNIP to revert to an Evaluation model with a one hour operating time limit.

Current Status, Resolved

Patch Deployed.  A correction has been developed and is deployed at this time. We have issued a new revision (labeled as 1.8.1) and placed it on the site for download at this time.

Note: If you are using release 1.8.0 then your copy of SNIP will be automatically notified of the new release when it occurs due to the new auto-update feature which was added in release 1.8.0.  You will be then be promoted if you want to update to the new release (please do so).  The time required to download, install, and restart SNIP (the time your Caster will be offline to your clients) is typically under 60 seconds.   This release replaces the prior 1.8.0 download links on the site as well.

As a general rule, releases are numbered in the form 1.x.0 and any value not ending in zero indicates there was a need for a code patch, as in this case.  A need for such a patch has occurred only once before.  We are sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused some Lite users.

Status Last updated May 18th.

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