Invalid Report Commands

Invalid Report Commands occur when the command is not supported or can not be parsed.  When a connection with a command is made to SNIP Caster which is either ill-formed or not allowed by the current settings, one of three things can occur.

Caster Reply

If web page integration is UN-checked (disabled);  the requester will see an NTRIP Table (as per the NTRIP protocol specification, all bad requests result in in a caster table reply). This is SNIP operating in a strict classic NTRIP Caster mode.

No Command Reply

If web page integration is checked (enabled), but show main status page is UN-checked,  the requester will see the reply be as below.  With this these settings, only administration requests can be made with proper credentials provided each time.

Invalid Command Reply

If web page integration is checked (enabled) and the requester has sent a commend that is bad, ill-formed, or not allowed by that type of user, the reply will be as below.

For the two later cases, the requesting IP is also “charged” as a bad / failed connection.  Repeated connection attempts that fail in some way may result in the IP being banned for a period of time, depending on the specific BAN settings that the operator has established.

The contact details displayed in the dialog as set with the Preferences dialog.  Setting this is optional.

Aside: All SNIP commands start with the letters “SNIP::” after the URL and that is why the term “SNIP” is not allowed as a valid mountPt name.

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