Question: Can I use the same logon twice?


In fact, SNIP offers several solutions to the “limited logons” problem which many private and State run NTRIP casters have.

There are several Options to select from.  It’s your caster, so you control who can log on to it, how many times their account can log on at once, or if anyone even needs to have an account in order to log on.

The simplest solution is to simply leave the Caster “open” so anyone can connect.  If you elect to close it, you will then need to add users.  And each user account you create can connect as many times at once as you allow. The default is to allow 5 simultaneous connections per user account.

See the Knowledge Base Article “Managing Your Users” for more details.


Hint: This article deals with your users connecting to your caster.  A related problem can be your copy of SNIP connecting to another caster (remote-relay connections) to federate your local caster offerings while you are also trying to connect there with another tool.  If you have a connection to another caster, it may only allow only ONE active connection at a time.  As a best practice, you should have SNIP connect using the provided account, and then let your other machines or local users community connect to SNIP.  Using SNIP to rebroadcast a stream and overcome the “limited logons” problem presents a solid solution to this issue.

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