Release 3_05_00 Changes

What is new in the SNIP 3_05_00 release – released June 21st, 2022
(updating the prior release of 3_04 issued on December 30th, 2021)

This is the next production release of SNIP following the Rev 3_04 release.  This release contains the Web API Plug-In, as well as various minor improvements in response to user requests. It is recommended that all deployments upgrade to this edition.

This release supports both 32-bit and 64-bit installations on all Windows Platforms from Windows 7 to the current editions.  It is recommended that all Windows 32/64 SNIP installations now update to using this release.

Changes in this release include

The Web API Plug-In

The most major visible change is the release of the Web API Plug-In, over 6 months in development.  This improvement allows Pro models of SNIP to perform the daily tasks of Caster management remotely with any web browser.  Authorized users (and authorized Customer Accounts if you allow it) can remotely see details about User Accounts and Base Stations.  They can add, edit, and delete both Users and Bases, as well as plot user movements on a variety of maps.  Your tech support staff will no longer need direct access to the Host machine to assist your customers. If you allow it, selected Customer Accounts can also create and manage both Users and Bases up to the predefined limits you set for them.  A security management system limits Customer Account access to only the devices they are assigned to.

The Web API is a Plug-In module intended for Pro model users.  It is described further in about a dozen separate pages in the SNIP knowledge base.  This page serves as an introduction to the various reports and operations you can perform.  The Web API is fully integrated with the Enhanced User Management Plug-In and with the eMail Plug-In to make outreach to your Customers and User account seamless.

NEAR Stream Improvements

Three improvements have been made to the way the NEAR Stream pools can be set up.

An Add All button was added to complement the remove all button when editing the Base Stations that make up a NEAR pool.

Time reduction; all NEAR Streams now will start in 2 minutes (rather than 3 minutes) after the Caster and the stream members become stable.

A new “offset / weight” control has been added to each NEAR pool member.  With this control you can “tweak” the distance logic used to select which Base a given User will be assigned to.  The typical use case for this is a network of GNSS Base stations where one or more of the stations is older and the Caster operator wants to de-emphasize their use in the network so that only those users very close to such a base will be connected.  This control allows both a percentage and a distance input.

Misc Improvements in this release

The use of the IP Mapping function (to remap your public IP and private IPs when behind a firewall) is now part of the Lite model of SNIP. In past releases this was only available in paid models.

We have have resolved a minor bug where some NMEA $GGA Data was not always being sent to the AVL server service.

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