What is inside a uBlox6T evaluation model

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The uBlox 6T is a popular L1 only chip set used by many for short baseline RTK work.  Prices for these devices range from just over ~125 US dollars to about ~350 in single quantities depending on the model selected.

uBlox Evaluation Model

Many people solve their L1-only GNSS needs with a uBlox 6T evaluation unit, shown below.   [Or, using the newer M8T which is gaining favor].  Both can be obtained from directly the maker at the link above.


You will likely connect it to uCenter (the firm’s evaluation software) with the the USB cable, and to another tool (such as RTKLIB) using a serial to USB cable.  Incidentally, SNIP can connect, obtain raw data, and control the device from either port.

Remove the board from the aluminum extrusion, and this is what is inside the classic uBlox6T evaluation model. The USB port is at bottom left while a DB9 on the right side is connected to the 1st UART. The RF chain on this design has a handy filter that the other model below does not have.  [Keep in mind that this product is intended as a reference design.  The technical staff at uBlox will be of value to you if you intend to lay out your own design, as RF for L-band can be  tricky.]

CSG Shop

These boards from CSG are sold without enclosures, and look like this.
The USB port is built in (upper left); the UART/TTY is accessed from the pins on the left.

OneTalent GNSS

Similar devices from OneTalent look like this.
The USB port is built in (bottom edge); the UART/TTY is accessed from the pins on the left.

Hope this helps as a quick reference to the L1 only choices that are out there.

Further Information

For serial to USB issues with connections, drivers, etc., check out this article.

Trying to do L1-only RTK on the cheap? – you are joining a large vibrant family.
Visit their sites, buy a unit – but also save some funds for a good antenna if you expect to do RTK.

Here is a short article showing the level of performance you can expect to obtain with this device under good conditions.

Need a Caster to send you base station data to others (NTRIP Clients) , use SNIP for that part.

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